3D Scan

Three dimensional scan services

Measurement with optic system.

Digitizer service.

Provide cloud points of complex models.

The most accurate dimensional services.

Provide a 3D model of parts and machines.

Reverse engineering for construction of parts and machines.

Review fragmentation.

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Reverse Engineering

Vector engineering and reverse engineering of parts and industrial machinery and localization of foreign machinery.



Designing and engineering

Design of industrial machines and terminals and static structures with Solid work and Katie software.




Provide drawings of parts and assembly of machinery.



Factories Layout Plans

Locating equipment and machinery of the factory or workshop according to architectural plans and facilities.



P & ID, PFD and ISO refinery maps




Manufacturing various type of machines and industrial devices, such as cabins, furnaces, fans, type of conveyors,  customizing production lines tailored to the dimensions and performance required by the employer.



Repair and maintenance

Maintenance and upgrading of machinery and equipment of production lines.